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Happy family
a man kneeling down next to a bull in an arena with the caption's description below
two men hugging each other in front of a crowd with signs on the barricades
It takes a lot of integrity and maturity to admit when you are wrong and to apologize and correct yourself for it. I'm very proud of these people!
two women and one man are sitting together in front of a tweet that reads, the second time gay marriage has been legal in the united states love wins
FYI: image on the right, person on the left is Osh-Tisch, a.k.a. Finds Them and Kills Them, a Crow Two-Spirit woman. Pictured with her is The Other Magpie, another woman who also fought at the Battle of the Rosebud. You can read about them in Pretty-Shield’s autobiography.
mirror man
Cool. Music. Animation. Music box. Hamsters. Pastel blue and pink. Song
an err doctor steps outside after losing a 19 year old patient at the pool
Give thanks to all of the caregivers.
a man standing next to a fire hydrant in front of a building with the caption, it's not about what happened to you
He really has seen too much shit
the silhouette of a person holding a flower next to a wolf
The little Southern Wolf