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The Best Book You'll Read All Year: And the Mountains Echoed

This man writes the most beautiful books. Takes you to a time when Afghanistan was a different place.

Stockings for girls that make your legs look like they are covered in hair, to prevent against perverts and lechers.

LOL LOL gross, Crazzzy - Leggings, 'Anti-pervert' hairy stockings could be a summer hit.Women tired of men staring at their legs this summer can now deflect any unwanted attention with a pair of these hairy stockings.

I love this. The first time I had my heart broken my Mom gave me an old newspaper clipping of this poem.

❤ So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul . { I came across this poem in the mid and have kept a copy of it posted in my home since then. And, Yes, I Do Plant My Own Garden and Decorate My Own Soul .