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How to make Home Made Crumpets - they're really easy!

Ahhhh Crumpets

I sat on this recipe for months literally, trying to find an opportunity where I would have two whole hours to make breakfast. Not surprisingly, it took a while to get a chance to do this. I have possums to either blame or thank for this.

Milk Tarts ~ these delightful and creamy tarts are perfect topped with fresh fruit!  Butter with a Side of Bread #recipe


Milk tarts are a simple dessert that tastes great. With a filling made of real milk and a nice sweetened buttery crust this treat is savory, sweet, and a delicious way to use up any extra gallons of milk you have in the house. Do you ever find yourself with too much milkView Recipe

South Africans love their tradional food and love to try out new recipes as well. As a tribute to their beautiful sunny climate a lot of their entertaining is done outdoors. The traditional “Braai… read more at Kobo.

Traditional South African Recipes: Grandma's Recipes ebook by Mabel Van Niekerk - Rakuten Kobo

Read "Traditional South African Recipes: Grandma's Recipes" by Mabel Van Niekerk available from Rakuten Kobo. South Africans love their tradional food and love to try out new recipes as well. As a tribute to their beautiful sunny ...

Chelsea Buns - Old Style & Favourite South-African Recipes

CHELSEA-BUNS SA Recipes | Old Style Recipes CHELSEA-BUNS

Favourite South African Recipes :: CHELSEA-BUNS

South African Style Lemon Meringue, the best, you MUST try them!!

Meyer Lemon Meringue Tartlets, South African Style

My latest baking endeavor began the way they often do -- with a challenge -- and played out in typical fashion: in fits and spurts of obsessive research and serious thought followed by compulsive ingredient gathering, fatigue and procrastination, and finally getting on with it (and making another trip to the market for fresh ingredients). All of this is to say that I usually find the end result of all that activity to be disappointing, at least initially. I mean, it's difficult to do justice…

Oondgebraaide lamskenkels | Oven baked lamb shanks

Oondgebraaide lamskenkels

15 x Eenpotgeregte Dis die lekkerste manier van kook. Gooi alles saam – vleis, groente, kruie – en proe hoe goed pas al die geure in net een pot.

Chakalaka (South African)

Chakalaka (South African)

It's been quiet on the blog because lately a lot of life has been happening instead, I've got so many wonderful things on and some great things that I'm working towards at the moment. But I do have a file full of photos and recipes to share with you, and I'll do my best to get as many of them up as I can. I'm going to be taking the next couple of months off my world food challenge, because I've got a bit too much else happening. But I have quite a few recipes left over from South Africa…

South African Style Scones. Yes please

White-scones SA Recipes | Old Style Recipes White-scones

Favourite South African Recipes :: White-scones

How to Make Old Fashioned Frikkadels - The Recipe! ^_^

How to Make Old Fashioned Frikkadels - The Recipe

One of my all time favourites, bothe to eat and to make, Frikkadellen, those meatballs of various sizes. Served up in so very many ways, a dish that becomes a firm family favourite!

South African Fudge Recipe

South African Fudge Recipe

It's been a while since I've posted a recipe, so when my mom made fudge the other day I decided it's time to share another good ol' South African treat. Wish I could say I actually made the fudge in the pic, but alas I can't. I did manage to eat all of it though! Now for the non-South-Africans (or those not married to one) I need to explain a little about this fudge - it's not "fudge" like American fudge. It's a bit harder and sweeter thanks to the blissful yumminess of condensed milk. So…