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As dog lovers, it’s very difficult for us to understand why someone would ever subject one of our beloved friends to the torture of dog fighting. That’s exactly what happened to this beautiful pit bull. Thankfully, a handful of good people were able to rescue this dog from the clutches of his tortured life.

This pit bull was used for dog fighting. Watch what happens when he is shown love for the first time since his rescue.

Pls repin for that poor dog

Omg I totally care if that were my LuLu, my baby Chihuahua,who's not a baby anymore, I would die-->*goes into street and moves him/her and if he/she doesn't move or growl at me moving him I just make sure no cars run him/her over*

Dooney and Bourke

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Poor doggy

This poor puppy. Come on, no animal should ever live on a chain! They need to have lives! They can't spend the rest of their days chained up outside, through all four seasons EVERY YEAR!

Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites #pillsbury

Ham (Turkey) & Cheese Pretzel Bites Ok, here is my thinking. No ham, but how about veggies? Turkey ham, if I must have ham.