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From 'SmArt Class'- Monet's water lilies using oil pastel, The Lillypad's are larger in the bottom and get smaller as they go upwards towards the back. Watercolor. Is dabbed on with the rack at first and then brush is used, salt is added at the end for Texter.

My first graders are studying Claude Monet right now! First we watched a cute video (below) to learn about the artist Then we drew the gar.

Inspired by a post on Pinterest! Watercolour and sharpie. Done by a 10yr old.:

4 Monkeys studio offers Saturday morning art classes to children, summer camps, 'Ladies Nights Out' and birthday parties. Lessons include a broad range of mediums and subject matter.

Lang, laaaaaaaaang ist es her, seit ich das letzte Mal gepostet habe. In der nächsten Zeit wird es wieder etwas mehr von mir geben....

Teacher In Wonderland: Katzen - Thema "Überlappung" im Kunstunterricht Mehr