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four different pictures of children playing in the same room, one is holding a teddy bear and
some paper cut out of people and one is wearing a red cross on his chest
an image of medical equipment in russian with english subtitution and pictures below
рассказываем детям о профессиях, карточки профессии
Развивающие карточки детям о профессиях
several pictures of bees, honey combs and other things that are in this picture
there are many different items that can be found in the mailbox and on the table
various sewing supplies are arranged on a white background
an image of gardening related items
an image of kitchen items and cooking utensils
there are many different items that can be found in this picture, including ships, boats, and compasses
several different types of electronic devices, including a cash register and cell phone on display
there are many different things that can be found in this image, including an airplane
there are many different pictures that include trees, apples, and other things in the picture