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Great visual explanation for helping you understand aperture /depth of field

depth of field chart - photography This makes it a lot easier to remember the way the f stops work profundidad de campo entre la manifestación y el ser

Photography Composition Introducing the golden mean and the rule of thirds

Digital photography composition tips for taking better pictures. How to use the golden mean and rule of thirds to help you take better pictures.

The Art Piece That Was Never Completed

This is a short film I shot for a competition called Interpret Durban but I couldn't submit it because the most important aspect of the film ( the artwork) w.

Character archetypes

Examples of Character Archetypes - Writers Write <-- I think the example of Hermione Granger is wrong though. Percy Weasly would be a better example

Foreshadowing is one of the important devices writers use in plotting their novels. Share this handy infographic on using foreshadowing like an expert.

8 Law of Foreshadowing. Adequate foreshadowing is crucial in a successful novel as a tool both for building suspense and for adequately preparing the reader for future events. The 8 laws of foreshadowing below can help you to foreshadow effectively.