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BRANDAN's cartoon in Business Day is a brilliant commentary on ideologies. Under both capitalism and socialism, Greedy Pigs and Fat Cats will always hold sway. Pig Drawing, Davos, Fat Cats, Political Cartoons, Politics, Socialism, Pigs, Spiritual, Editorial

Fat Cats and Greedy Pigs at Davos

LATEST: THE MEEK SHALL NOT INHERIT THE EARTH! BRANDAN's cartoon is a brilliant commentary on ideologies. Under both capitalism and socialism, Greedy Pigs and Fat Cats will always hold sway.

FRED MOUTON [cartoonist for Die Burger] depicts the promises of State of the Nation Addresses past, and the challenge in delivering on them. Political Cartoons, Editorial, Challenge, African, Sheep

The Burden of Empty Promises

Sidelines Fred Mouton writes: [a rough translation] President Zuma says: "Mackie, we've loaded up, but how are we going to deliver this?" Fred Mouton 'Die Burger' has had just three full time daily cartoonists since it was founded in 1915 under the editorship of DF Malan; all three of them giants of South African…>

Themba SIWELA [The Citizen's cartoonist] takes a jaundiced view of President Zuma's focus on jobs in his recent State of the Nation address. Political Cartoons, Editorial, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Characters

JOBS! for pals...

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! (conditions apply).

Inspired by Michaelangelo, this cartoon by BRANDAN [for Business Day] calls on the President to bring on some Job Creation! Business Day, Political Cartoons, Africa, Editorial, Movie Posters, Icons, Inspiration, Inspired, Biblical Inspiration

Creating Jobs

MAKING A CONNECTION: Brandan is inspired by Michaelangelo's 'Creation of Man' in this depiction of The President, who is hoping to create jobs. Another feature in this cartoon is Brandan's 'Job Creation Machine' - a device which we've tagged as a 'Brandanvention' : click on that tag above to see other wild creations of B's imagination.

Not funny > 84 rhino deaths (via poaching) already in 2012 Save The Rhino, Circle Of Life, Gentle Giant, Political Cartoons, Animal Kingdom, Rhinos, Lion Sculpture, African, Elephants

Save the Rhino

CIRCLE OF LIFE: DOV FEDLER surrounds this besieged Big Five specimen with protection.

Nelson Mandela is celebrated in this Lion King parody cartoon by John Curtis. Nelson Mandela, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Political Cartoons, Africa, Hero, Movie Posters, Editorial, Father, King

2010: The Lionised King

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ZAPIRO cleverly uses Rock, Paper and Scissors as a device for this political cartoon. University Of Cape Town, Rock Paper Scissors, Study Architecture, Political Cartoons, Editorial, Africa, Jokes, Politics, Chistes

Rock Paper Scissors

Sidelines Zapiro Born in Cape Town in 1958, Zapiro couldn’t imagine a career in cartooning, so he studied architecture at University of Cape Town. Couldn’t imagine a career in architecture, so…>

Here's Die Antwoord (now what was the question again?) [Cartoon by JERM] Youtube Sensation, Die Antwoord, Political Cartoons, Editorial, Nerd, This Or That Questions, Otaku

ANC is Die Antwoord

DIE ANTWOORD is South Africa's counter culture answer to everything. See the video that turned them into an overnight YouTube sensation below. It was just a matter of time that they would make their way into an editorial cartoon! Jerm's editors at The New Age declined to publish this cartoon. See his notes in the Sidelines column.

CHIP Snaddon depicts the slaughter of South African Rhinos by desecrating the nation's note. African Rhino, Gentle Giant, Political Cartoons, Rhinos, Elephants, Drawings, Stamps, Editorial, Note

The Cost is not Financial

TAKE NOTE: CHIP decries the desecration of our rhino population - and by extension our national heritage - all for the love of money. The cost to us, he points out, is greater than a financial one.

PRESSING ISSUES: DOV FEDLER considers the limited freedoms enjoyed by the press in the rest of the continent and suggests that we've joined their ranks. Jacob Zuma, Political Cartoons, South Africa, Crying, Moose Art, African, Drawings, Personality, Freedom

Free Press in Africa

PRESSING ISSUES: DOV FEDLER considers the limited freedoms enjoyed by the press in the rest of the continent and suggests that we've joined their ranks.

Zapiro: Evolution of Democracy in South Africa Political Satire, Political Cartoons, Dating Apps Free, Notes From Underground, Captain Obvious, Jacob Zuma, The Beautiful Country, My Land, Comedy Central

The Evolution and Devolution of Democracy

COUNTER EVOLUTIONARY: ZAPIRO's 'Evolution and Devolution of Democracy in South Africa' features seven of the Republic's past presidents.

ZAPIRO's famous political cartoon which welcomed the dawn of the Mandela Presidency in South Africa on April Mandela Art, Nelson Mandela, News South Africa, Freedom Day, Poster Drawing, Out Of Africa, Dutch Artists, Political Cartoons, Politics


ZAPIRO'S ICONIC MANDELA SUNRISE cartoon raises the New South Africa flag and draws light on the new democracy, while relegating the relics of apartheid to the dustbin where they belong. This cartoon also draws our attention to a new dawn in South African cartoon history as Zapiro launches his career.

Funny pictures about I'm considering a career in organized crime. Oh, and cool pics about I'm considering a career in organized crime. Also, I'm considering a career in organized crime photos. Cute Jokes, Funny Jokes, Caricature, Big Brother, Humor Grafico, Cool Cartoons, Political Cartoons, Satirical Cartoons, Political Quotes

A Career in Organised Crime

CORRUPTING THE YOUTH: With role models like South Africa's government and corporations there's no surprise that the youth seems so lost. This cartoon by Dr Jack addresses corruption from both those spheres in a generic way which makes it timeless.

The petrol attendants' strike hits out at motorists. Cartoons, Editorial, Illustration, Animated Cartoons, Cartoon, Illustrations, Comic Book, Comics And Cartoons, Comics


Sidelines Chip CHIP SNADDON was born in Estcourt (KZN) in 1964 and went to Hilton College where he matriculated in 1982. But it would be in Cape Town where he'd cut his…>