African Animals

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Beautiful pictures featuring African animals. No fancy graphics or text decorations (except occasional watermarks). Just plain wildlife images. Enjoy! ;-)

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17 Fun Facts About Giraffes (Some are Hilariously Unbelievable) Fun Facts About Giraffes, Giraffe Facts, African Elephant, African Safari, Animal Bones, African Countries, Circle Of Life, Gentle Giant, Animals Of The World

17 Fun Facts About Giraffes (Some are Hilariously Unbelievable)

Fun facts about giraffes, like a tongue with UV protection, dinner plate feet, sleeping when standing, sucking on bones, no front teeth and ossicones.

Lilac-breasted roller taking off from a whistling thorn.

17 Fun Lilac-Breasted Roller Facts: Africa's Multicolored Bird

The lilac-breasted roller is one of Africa’s most colorful birds. Let’s take a look at the top facts regarding this impressive bird species.

Travel Itineraries, maps and guides for 4 days lake nakuru and masai mara safari in kenya Uganda, Safari Holidays, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania Safari, Safari Adventure, Adventure Travel, Arusha, Wildlife Safari, Viewing Wildlife

Finding Budget Safaris in Africa - Easy to Use Guide

Easy tips on finding budget safaris in Africa, so you can enjoy the complete safari experience while traveling on a budget.

Ratel digging in a burnt field. African Animals, African Safari, Aggressive Animals, Animal Attack, Honey Badger, Wild Nature, Predator, Beautiful Creatures

21 Fun Facts About Honey Badgers - Africa Freak

Fun facts about honey badgers, a misunderstood animal that is not mean or nasty. Including the honey badgers' rubbery skin and defence spray.

Greater kudu bull jumping across a sandy road, Etosha National Park. #travel #safari #Africa #wildlife #wild #nature #animals #antelope #kudu #male #jump #horns African Animals, African Safari, Animals With Horns, Horn Of Africa, Wild Dogs, East Africa, Africa Travel, Predator, Habitats

Greater Kudu - Spiral into Discovering the Majestic Horned Antelope

The greater kudu has a reputation for being curious and highly alert. Here are a few fascinating facts and general information about the beautiful antelope.

The Best Safari Destinations in Tanzania - Where to Go. African Safari, Africa Travel, Where To Go, The Locals, Mammals, Giraffe, Tours, Good Things, Adventure

The Best Safari Destinations in Tanzania - Where to Go

If you’re searching for a really wild luxury safari then Katavi should be high on your list. Fly here on a local flight then spend three days driving off...

Etosha National Park is one of the top safari destinations in Namibia. If you’re planning a trip, make sure to read this guide first. Kruger National Park, National Parks, Game Reserve, Wild Nature, Nature Animals, Natural Wonders, Nice View, Mammals, Horns

Etosha National Park - The Ultimate Guide

Etosha National Park is one of the top safari destinations in Namibia. If you’re planning a trip, make sure to read this guide first.

Rock hyrax eating yellow flowers. #travel #safari #Africa #wildlife #wild #nature #animals #hyraxes #hyrax #dassies #mammals #Hyracoidea #vegetation #flowers #yellow #green Wild Nature, Leopards, East Africa, Cute Faces, Nature Animals, Africa Travel, Brown Bear, Predator, Yellow Flowers

Hyrax: 17 Amazing Facts About This Charming Animal

The hyrax is a remarkable, small, furry mammal found in Africa and the Middle East. Find out all about this fascinating creature inside!

Giraffe fast asleep, with curled neck and its head resting on its rump. #travel #safari #Africa #wildlife #wild #nature #animals #mammals #giraffe #neck #rest #sleep Prey Animals, Nature Animals, Wild Animals, How Do Giraffes Sleep, Little Giraffe, African Tribes, How To Get Sleep, Large Animals

How Do Giraffes Sleep? (In the Wild vs Captivity)

Find out how the mighty giraffes sleep in their own unique style. And why they have the shortest sleep cycle in the animal kingdom.

Flock of helmeted guineafowl running away on a dirt road. #travel #safari #Africa #wildlife #wild #nature #animals #birds #helmeted #guineafowl #Numididae #Galliformes Spotted Animals, Guinea Fowl, Alien Art, Photoshop Brushes, Galaxy Wallpaper, In The Tree, African Safari, Bird Species, Africa Travel

Helmeted Guineafowl - 14 Fun Facts About the Chicken-Like Tarentaal

Chatty and unmistakable, the helmeted guineafowl is a bird to marvel at. Check out these 14 fun facts about the chicken-like tarentaal.

Wildlife sightings board at the Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp, Kruger. Kruger National Park Safari, National Parks, African Safari, Africa Travel, Bird Watching, Conservation, Crocodile, Habitats, Wilderness

Kruger National Park: The Complete Safari Guide

Learn everything you need to know about the famous safaris at Kruger National Park in South Africa! Enjoy the ultimate escape.

Observing wild lions in a local reserve near Durban. #travel #Africa #safari #wildlife #wild #nature #animals #lions #cats #jeep #KZN Kruger National Park, National Parks, African Holidays, Tropic Of Capricorn, Elephant Park, Kwazulu Natal, Victoria Falls, Game Reserve, Lost City

Rovos Rail - Overland Train Travel in Style

Meet the Rovos Rail fleet - the most stylish option for train travel through Africa. Learn more about this luxurious train and its voyages.

Secrets of Acacia Flowers - Africa Freak - Female kudu feeding off sweet thorn acacia leaves. - The Secrets of Acacia Flowers – Africa Freak – Female kudu feeding off sweet thorn acacia leaves. – -The Secrets of Acacia Flo. Acacia, Africa Safari Lodge, Safari Outfits, Safari Animals, Nature Animals, Germany Castles, Baboon, African Safari, Africa Travel

The Secrets of Acacia Flowers - Africa Freak

Acacia flowers carpet the African savannah in colour. Discover when they bloom, different acacia flowers, medicine, smells and more.

Cape buffalo skull on salt lake shore. African Animals, African Safari, African Buffalo, Buffalo Skull, Lake Shore, Asian Elephant, Wild Nature, Pencil Art, Predator

Cape Buffalo: The Forgotten Member of the Big Five

Cape buffalo are known to attack and maul lions for fun. They even ambush hunters with guns. This is the complete guide to this incredible animal.

Close-up of an elephant eating grass with its trunk, in Chobe. Elephant Love, African Elephant, African Safari, What Do Elephants Eat, Elephants Never Forget, Elephant Eating, Keystone Species, Wild Nature

What Do Elephants Eat? Almost Everything on the Savanna

Elephants have an incredibly varied diet and consume up to 270 kg of food a day. Read the full story on what elephants eat, from flowers to figs to salt.

African forest elephants return to the jungle, revealing their pretty bum. #travel #Africa #wildlife #wild #animals #nature #wilderness #forest #elephants #destinations #places #see #photography #bottom #bum #trees African Forest Elephant, Asian Elephant, Elephant Love, African Safari, Elephant Species, Rainforest Habitat, Elephant Facts, Forest Ecosystem, Tropical Forest

Best Places to See the African Forest Elephant

The African forest elephant is a distinctive, interesting species. Learn about what makes them unique and the best places to see them for yourself.