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a display case filled with white flowers and purses
Vitrine Primavera
A primavera começa hoje, precisamente as 12:44. Nas vitrines flores e cores ganham destaque, mas sem tirar o foco dos produtos. Isso vale ...
Um kimono, duas inspirações. #zara. Pinterest: KarinaCamerino Casual, Outfits, Outfit Ideas Korean Pants, Outfit Ideas Korean Skirts, Outfit Ideas Korean, Cardigan Outfits, Kimono Coat, Kimono Fashion, Fashion Outfits
Um kimono, duas inspirações. #zara. Pinterest: KarinaCamerino
there are many stairs painted on the side of this building and cars parked in front
17 des plus beaux escaliers au monde
Les plus beaux escaliers au monde Street-art
there is a window with white lace on it
Green Living
Lace stretched over a frame to make a screen
a white coat and shoes on display in a room with wallpapered walls,
Vêtements pour enfants & idées cadeaux naissance - Bonpoint
Bonpoint Summer 2016 Cherry Blossom #windows #BonpointWindow #CherryBlossom #Blossom
two dalmatian dogs sitting in a bathtub filled with toys and condiments
Five Display Tips for Pet Store Retailers -
display+ideas+for+retail+stores | ... displays and independent retail stores. Enjoy a few from our September - could also use a big stainless steel tub or the like instead of a bath tub of space is limited; I've also seen the faux plastic bubbles
two pairs of silverware sitting on top of brown napkins next to each other
Thank You for Our Best Show EVER!!
cute way to tag earrings - burlap, rustic look "Rusty" magnets to hold earrings in place. like the contrast between the rustic & Luxe
a woman standing next to a stop sign with shopping bags in her hand and holding a pink bag
This item is unavailable | Etsy
SHOP Stop Sign Store Boutique Display Advertising Small Business Gift Shop Ad Signage Marketing Promotion Sale Event Custom Retail Location by CustomGraphicsNC on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/463164559/shop-stop-sign-store-boutique-display
a store with shelves filled with items and pictures on the wall above them, along with baskets
The back of the store; more revamping!
Oliver and Rust: The back of the store; more revamping!
a bath tub filled with lots of different types of soaps on top of a wooden table
soap display #santabarbara
Using an old bathtub to display soap. Soaptopia. More
many different fabrics are hanging on the wall
Creative New Uses for Everyday Items
Wooden spoon racks. Hang towels on racks made of wooden spoons. It saves your space and keep your towels dry. http://hative.com/creative-new-uses-for-everyday-items/
bread and olives in small bowls on a wooden platter at a restaurant table
Charcuterie Platter's Accompaniments
Fantastic way to serve a platter
several bags are wrapped in green grass on a bench
Love this! Would be a perfect window display for a retail store around the holidays! retail display Gift Shop Magazine www.giftshopmag.com
a mannequin with flamingos in front of a window
Window display with flamingos