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"Looking at thinspo keeps me up, I thought I was a decent weight, but their hipbones are SUPERB" This is all over the web. So much it makes you want to cry at how many young woman strive to starve themselves down to bone and flesh.

Butterfly my Dark Angel. Just a little tough love

Sex Position of the Week ♥ Kama Sutra "Widely Opened" – It s a perfect position for maintaining eye-to-eye contact, and great for watching each other orgasm. Raising her hips against his thrusts gives him the feeling she desperately wants him inside her.

Kissing down low

A kiss is just a kiss, but lovers know what a difference is when its a kiss embroiled in lust fervently in a place that has been scented for its demise of climaxes of disastrous proportions, its a life long master awating his game.