Kooigoed : Native to South Africa, Helichrysum petiolare is a a silver-hued foliage plant ideal for edging, bedding and containers. Licorice plant provides a cool backdrop for pastels and contrasts well with jewel toned blooms and foliage. It is also drought tolerant and very easy to grow. Licorice plant is grown as a perennial where hardy and an annual bedding plant where tender. It prefers full sun and tolerates partial shade.

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creeping foxglove - GROUND COVER - highly invasive & must be planted alone, can be used as a mass planting under large trees and borders in full sun, semi-shade or full shade. It is also a good container plant. This ground cover thrives in semi-shade and will also grow in sunny spots if it receives adequate moisture. It can be planted in any soil in the garden, but will do better if plenty of compost is added.

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Asystasia varia (grows in full shade)

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