Jacaranda Trees in Bloom

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Pretoria, South Africa

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The Voortrekker monument.  Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA

The Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, South Africa: Little House on the Prairie meets colonial violence meets monumental fascist-esque architecture. Very special to the Afrikaner people

Pretoria, South Africa

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Lovely old fountain in the Pretoria Zoo

Lovely old fountain in the Pretoria Zoo, South Africa

Pretoria - Jacarandastad

Pretoria is famous for its lovely jacaranda trees. Students used to say that as soon as the jacaranda starts to blossom it is time to buckle down and study :-) . There are also jacarandas in Pietermaritzburg and in Durban .

Sammy Marks Museum Pretoria

Sammy Marks Museum Pretoria

Jakarandastad - PRETORIA

Pretoria / Tswane, SA: Jacaranda city where the streets are lined with more than 15000 fully grown jacaranda trees that turn the streets of the older parts of the city purple in October.