The Digital Diagnosis [Infographic]

The Digital Diagnosis New digital health diagnosis infographic created by MDG Advertising comprehensively outlines how the lines between the healthcare industry and consumer electronics continue to blur with each passing year.

Telemedicine refers to the usage of telecommunication methods to provide healthcare and medical services remotely. With healthcare delivery already under pressure, telemedicine is poised to tackle lot many challenges of the industry head on. This infographic by Kays Harbor Technologies is an attempt to highlight the benefits of telemedicine.

Will Telemedicine Be the Panacea for Healthcare Industry? [Infographic]

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This infographic gives a breakdown of the 10 reasons why health records IT is beneficial. Among other reasons, health records that are technically

Is the Healthcare Industry Digitally Fit?

INFOGRAPHIC: Is the Healthcare Industry Digitally Fit? Our Survey Findings by Capgemini via slideshare

Top 20 HIT infographics of 2013- #13: How Telehealth Connects Patients & Healthcare Professionals

The 20 Best Healthcare Technology Infographics of 2013-

Mobile Health Technologies

Mobile health technologies have been on the rise for quite some time with the number of health and fitness apps doubling over the last.

Estupenda infografía: El futuro del e-learning en la salud | HIT

Estupenda infografía: El futuro del e-learning en la salud

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