South African Air Force Silver Falcons Impala Mk1

Aermacchi KC / Impala - Page 3 - Thirdwire: Strike Fighters 1 Series - Mods/Skinning Discussion

South African Airways ZS-SDB Airbus A300B2K-3C aircraft picture

South African Airways Airbus in the old colours at FADN - Louis Botha airport, Durban 1981

Opration Rekstok was the first Air Mobile operation in the war. Bobby develop the signals concept to conduct air mobile communications. A Puma helicopter flying over Ovamboland. The conflict on the border between Namibia and mainly Angola was known in South Africa as the Border War and went on from 1966 till 1988. Troops on the ground also called it the "Buch War" or just the "Border" or "Grens"

An Oryx helicopter flying over Ovamboland in the now Namibia. The conflict on…

Battles done - it's time to get the hell out of here -Cassinga

SADF - Battles done - it's time to get the hell out of here -Cassinga

SA Navy     Westland Wasps

22 Squadron Wasp Anti-Submarine Helicopters in formation over Cape Town

South African Airways Airbus A300B2K-3C; ZS-SDC, March 1986

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