Angelique de Robillard

Angelique de Robillard

Angelique de Robillard
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Iris Apfel is a genius! Keep the fun in your style. Keep it ethical, fun and totally you

Caught between a strong mind, and a fragile heart. This is how I feel about my daddy.

"flowers grow back, even they are stepped on" I learned always to speak before I judge. Ask before I react. Its a word of kindness. A life of truth. Yet controlled

what doesn't kill you fucks you up mentally. This made me laugh out loud!

Lol whoooo more people should know this then we won't have a lot of people feeling offended

I'm tired of being told to "care less," and "stop trying so hard," at this job. No one takes any pride in themselves or their work at this hospital and ultimately the patient suffers the consequences.

Intro music by Fhernando Welcome to the Musea Podcast! This is episode with commercial and fashion photographer, Rodney Smith! In this episode, Rodney talks about the meaning of his work,.