Date and apple squares. Same photo as another pin with a different recipe.  Someone is being deceitful...

Date and apple squares

Date and apple squares recipe. Fruit recipes from Cookipedia. Another recipe from Mum's scribbled cookery notes. Her original notes used self-raising flour but she later changed it to plain flour as she thought it was 'nicer'.

In en om die huis: DADELBLOKKIES

DADELBLOKKIES ~ Altyd 'n wenner! 36 blokkies 250 g (½ blok) botter 500 g x 250 g-pakkies) dadels, fyn gekap . 1 eier 125 ml.

The best fruit cake you’ll ever eat.. Hmm, worth a try..

Once the bane of pot-luck parties, the fruitcake has been turned into a sought-after treat by Trappist monks secluded in the Missouri Ozarks who some say bake cake that's nothing short of heavenly. Assumption Monastery in Ava, MO.

Fruit cake: Great dark Christmas cake recipe.

A Recipe For Rich Dark Christmas Cake

Fruit cake: Great dark Christmas cake recipe.

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