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Because lots of people need this

Because lots of people need this

Did you know? Back in the day, equestrians often didn't have time to greet and speak with all the other riders before a foxhunt... so they put ribbons in their horses' tails to communicate what...

Do You Know What The Different Ribbon Colors Mean? Equestrians for many generations have used colored ribbons in their horses' tail to communicate with other riders. Learn the ribbon color meanings, so that you too can be an informed equestrian.

Turquoise Butterfly Browband for Horse, Draft, Pony, or Miniature Horse - Equine Bling Tack Jewelry - Metal Butterfly Brow Band

Advertisement for horse jewelry -- as the former owner of two Insulin Resistant horses, all I could see were the orbital bulges typical of the IR horse. If this horse isn't suffering from Lamanitis already, I'd be very surprised.