Strategic Planning

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Work breakdown structure directory
How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure | Lucidchart Blog
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Presentation Template

Project Management

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Market sizing

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Partnership Canvas. It's an add-on tool to the business model canvas for visualizing and discussing partnerships and alliances.

Partnership building

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7S MODEL McKinsey 7S-model KMPG MANAGEMENTMODEL INK INK-managementmodel INK-model EFQM excellence

7S Model

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31 Consulting Proposal Templates to Close Deals - Venngage
Review of 39pg McKinsey Presentation | Consultant's Mind

Consulting Engagement Proposals

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Reinventing Your Business Model
Harness The Power Of LinkedIn To Grow Your Business - visit
What is a business model?

Business Modeling

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Negotiation Fieldbook. From Grande Lum’s Book on “Simple… | by Emily Tian | Medium
Negotiation Fieldbook. From Grande Lum’s Book on “Simple… | by Emily Tian | Medium
1. What is Negotiation?

Negociation management

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Effective Leaders Decide About Deciding

Risk Management

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cyberlabe: The Trust Framework by BlaBlaCar Blablacar a résumé...

Trust Management

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Blue Ocean

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Combien coûte la fabrication d'un TEMO·450 ? TEMO dévoile son prix de revient ! | TEMO France

Value Chain

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Gap Analysis PowerPoint Template PPT Graphics - SlideSalad
Gap Analysis Templates to Quickly Identify Gaps in Your Business

Gap Analysis

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Change Management

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Say hello to Xtensio’s Competitive Analysis tool, where you can dissect all of your competition on one sheet. #Free #Template
Porter's Five Forces Analysis - a leading framework for industry analysis and business strategy development

Competitive Analysis

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Strategic Roadmapping. Many different approaches to roadmapping have been developed, although generally the focus is a graphical representation that provides a high strategic view. The most flexible and powerful framework for the creation of roadmaps is illustrated here, comprising a multilayered time based chart, bringing together various perspectives into a single visual diagram.

Roadmap templates

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Compte-rendu de réunion
The science—and strategy—behind having a 'great meeting' | The Advisory Board Daily Briefing | HT @Chase Masters

Meeting management

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Strategic Pyramid What’s the difference between a mission and a vision? How’s a purpose different from a goal? Does the corporate mission last forever, or does it change over time? If you’re confused about any or all of these, it’s not your fault. For two decades, business leaders have tossed these terms around with reckless abandon, while experts have defined them in ways that seem to contradict one other.
Walks viewers through the strategic planning and strategy development process while detailing important components of a strategic plan.

Strategic Planning

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A simple way to keep product innovation under control while going fast.
A simple way to keep product innovation under control while going fast.

Canvas for all

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An improved version of the Strategy Map. Some categories have been relabelled to better describe an inclusive ecosystem
Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map

Balanced Scorecards

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10 Tip Sukses Implementasi SCRUM [INFOGRAFIS]
How visualisation rhetoric can create meaning in your startup

Agile - Scrum

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Tuckman's Four-Stage Model & Edison's Expansion on team dysfunciton

Team management

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