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She Put Exactly 14 Eggs In Ice Cube Tray And Left It In The Keep for up to a year in freezer bags. -- Freeze For 2 Hours.

Little ones

How to pray for your children I pray every night for my kids. suprisingly I pray most of this but I found out I am missing some. A good reminder for me.

Spiritual Fasting 101. How To Fast, When To Fast, and Why To Fast.

In some cultures, fasting is something that occurs typically more often than one who is not involved in these cultures. Fasting is used as a detox and cleanse.

How do we let His light shine through our food choices?

How do we let His light shine through our food choices?

14 Bible Verses and a Prayer on Waiting Like this.

A prayer for when you are waiting.Keep faith in your hearts and keep that love in your prayers while we wait for good news.

Learn how to fight the good fight with this prayer for when you are under attack.

When you are under attack, invoke the Spirit to defend and fight for you. Cover yourself with the protection of the blood of Christ. More helpful prayers and informative articles. Ask for prayer Th…