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three wooden mushrooms sitting on top of a table next to each other and trees in the background
Mushrooms, Rocky Mountain maple, 6-7” tall
three wooden mushrooms sitting on top of a shelf next to a wallpapered wall
a wooden mushroom sitting in the grass
three wooden mushrooms sitting next to a door
Beautiful pine mushrooms!! So much figure and colours! $99 each no taxes..
4 Steps for EASILY CARVE A Funny CAT, sculpting a CAT, Whittling and WOOD CARVING for beginners
a black and white drawing of a plant with leaves in the shape of a spiral
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Urban Elementz: Tropical Deco - Stencil 4.5"
cat and dog paw prints on white background
Download Cat, Shadow, Silhouette. Royalty-Free Vector Graphic
a wooden heart shaped ornament with a dog's paw print
Paw Print Heart Wood Carving Dog or Cat Ornament Hand Carved | Etsy | Wood carving patterns, Dremel wood carving, Wood carving
art - possible use of my material for the art. My material is hard and non-transparent. My contact: tatjana.alic@windowslive.com; web: http://tatjanaalic14.wixsite.com/mysite
a wooden ornament hanging on a stone wall with a tree cut in the middle
Scroll saw-cut tree slice evergreen tree
three wooden christmas trees are on display
wood working plan
three small wooden trees sitting on top of a table
Mini Trees - Custom Sculpture & Sign Company
a wooden vase sitting on top of a table
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a small wooden animal sitting on top of a white surface