Pharma goes digital

La industria farmacéutica se hace digital #infografia #infographic #socialmedia #marketing

This animation gives a whistle-stop tour of where the NHS is now – how the new organisations work and fit together – and explains that our new system is as much a product of politics and circumstance as design.

An alternative guide to the new NHS in England. The NHS will be 65 years old on 5 July. In that time, our health system has undergone profo.

Los pacientes ya están en los canales online, pero los centros de salud y los profesionales sanitarios van muy por detrás de ellos. #infografia #eSalud #eHealth

It's a harsh truth to face--healthcare professionals simply… - Healthcare Infographic

A Brave New World for Biosimilars

Given the new issues that biosimilars bring to the industry, product liability law will likely evolve as the U. market moves into this brave new world.

Move would allow Pfizer to transfer headquarters from US to Ireland, cutting corporate tax range despite US Treasury effort to block such deals

Pfizer and Allergan poised to announce history's biggest healthcare merger

Pfizer Chief Defends Merger With Allergan as Good for U. - The New York Times