Digital health and wellness is being smart when you use technology. There are risks and effects being online to often. So try not to use too much time texting, playing video games, going on facebook, and several other things online.

Funny pictures about How to sit in front of the computer. Oh, and cool pics about How to sit in front of the computer. Also, How to sit in front of the computer.

What digital health and wellness is about?

Digital Health and Wellness Issues Understand ergonomics and repetitive motion to avoid injuries. Technology such as the Internet and video games can be addictive.

nuviun-digital-health-landscape - Digital health is the convergence of the digital and genetics revolutions with health, healthcare, living, and society.

Digital Health is an umbrella term for all healthcare-related applications, technologies and delivery systems.

How Patients Learn in the Digital Age: Search Engines for Health Information...#Health #Tech

Infographic that surveyed non-MD healthcare professionals of how patients learn in the digital age utilizing technology for patient education

Cómo crear un mensaje con impacto #Infografia

A great infographic about how to make your message stick. This is perfect for any budding social entrepreneur trying to figure out how to convey their ideas to potential funders, partners, employees, and friends.

If you have a positive attitude and respectful values, not only does it speak for your offline reputation but it will serve you well in building a solid online reputation to last your days on this wonderful planet!

Love love love this gorgeous info graph from my colleague/jv partner Mel Social Ediquette

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