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Peta Circus on Behance..

Chinese circuses still feature stunts involving animals, because of its popularity with the paying public and foreign tourist. In fact, Chinese circuses are among the worst globally for outright neglect and cruel training methods involving fear, deprivati

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Calligraphy Lion featuring Al-Mutanabbi’s proverb “Just because you see the lion’s teeth don’t assume that the lion is smiling”

Just because you can see the lion's teeth, don't assume he is smiling. Al Mutanabbi’s proverb: “Just because you see the lion’s teeth, don’t assume that the lion is smiling” The quote is wri.

Anchored Ship Linocut Block Print. $8.99, via Etsy.

Anchored Ship Linocut Block Print "This whimsical print of a ship at sea speaks to the soul's need for adventure and stability. It is part of my series called "Relics of Our Existence," all printed from hand carved blocks on an antique letterpress.