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The Easiest Way to Bring Scandinavian Style Into Your House

"It was hard to say / whether she took his hand / or whether he took hers / Who cares? / It was the same reflex from their own hearts / They both wanted to give their hands / to be held by the other one / They were purely in sinc." f. wolff

Romance - Hand-Holding - Couple - Love - Portrait - Photography - Black and White - Pose Idea / Inspiration

Cute little kids! I remember playing with my brother and sister with the garden hose!

The good old times of childhood :) when parents would actually let their kids spray each other with the garden hose. I'm glad my mom let us have water fights :) we used ice cream buckets AND the garden hose.

This set would look great on any table. By Arrow + Sage.

CERAMICIST ANNA EAVES “There’s nothing like opening a kiln,” says Anna Eaves, a ceramicist from North Carolina in the USA.

Quand les coloris des cosmétiques inspirent pour un look casual t shirt blanc et un jean denim used .vogue_india98801_1.jpg

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