Angie Brierley

Angie Brierley

Angie Brierley
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I don’t know about you guys, but cupcakes are one of my favourite things ever. I’m also pretty darn keen on puppies, so when the Vancouver SPCA announced that they were hosting a National Cupcake Day fundraiser, I was like: Well, that’s a great idea. Who doesn’t want to buy a cupcake? And what kind of…   [read more]

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Westie Dog cake instructions!

by Lee JuslinIf you are hosting a party, picnic or just want a fun project to do with a youngster, here’s an idea for a cool but simple terrier cake that will have people thinking you are a world class cake decorator.

Dog Cupcakes for Food Network

Those of you who know me, know I am OBSESSED with dogs. Needless to say, when my friends at Food Network asked me to contribute a dog cupcake DIY, I was VERY into the idea. I got to choose which ty…