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Change "sleep like a baby" to "sleep like your husband" and I'm there. Man, I wish I could sleep as deeply as he does.

Train like an athlete, Eat like a nutritionist, Sleep like a baby, Win like a champion - Sports Motivation Quotes

Hundreds of motivational gym quotes here:

Work for excellence We know how hard it is to eat healthy all the time and stick to a workout plan. It's work! But, the more you do something the easier—and more enjoyable—the moves become. The same goes for healthy eating. We know you can do it!

Eat more of what makes you healthy, your body will thank you.

think lifestyle, not diet ! It is NOT about a diet, those never work or last long. It is a life style.Eat right, Work out.

You have to believe in yourself when no one else does - that makes you a winner right there. #Fitgirlcode #motivation #fitspiration

24 Fitness Mantras More Motivating Than Tony Horton on Crack Just the fitspiration you need to get you off your butt and to the gym--pronto Motivation quote inspiration quotes

¡Nunca abandones!

styleyourbody: never give up great things take time fitness&health. Everything will happen and your goals will be crushed.

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