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15 Outstanding Montessori Playrooms & Nurseries - love this because I loved attending Montessori School for preschool and kindergarten!

Many parents have embraced Dr. Maria Montessori's education philosophy as a way of life. One mom explores options for creating a Montessori playroom and kids' bedroom.

Draw a large rectangle on the board. Divide and label it like the one shown. Instruct each student to divide and label a sheet of paper to match the grid. Write a three-digit number above your grid and instruct each student to use this number to write a number in each section of her grid, mentally adding or subtracting as needed. Then discuss place value changes.

TEKS Audience: Second grade. Behavior: Mental math using place value. Condition: by filling in the chart that will be on the white board. This will be done as a class to show the pattern in what happens with place value subtraction.

Tons of ways to use a hundred chart (w/ FREE printables)! ~BuggyandBuddy.com

Finding Number Patterns Using a Hundred Chart (with Free Printables