Abigail de Robillard

Abigail de Robillard

Abigail de Robillard
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These Modern Dames are the strong independent women who refuse to be a victim of anything. They hold their fate in their own hands. They refuse to be a Damsel in Distress or play off the victim card as a way to receive “equality” without the accountability of true equality.

"I keep waiting to meet a man who has more balls than I do." Salma Hayek HAHA here: And she found the one, I'm truly happy for her. Good for her.

Yes! Bugg and Harlan won't have every materialistic thing they want because I don't want them spoiled that way, but they will be spoiled with love, affection and good values!

It is so easy to "be nice"/spoil a child. Any parent can do that. The hard work in parenting comes in teaching them lessons for their future. Being kind, productive, independent adults.

let Him be your loveliness

She talked to God daily and that is what made her lovely There’s power in conversation with God, there's power in being intimate with God. That’s where I want to get you to. I want you to have an intimate relationship with God because there is trust, ass