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an assortment of metal buckles in various shapes and sizes
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a large collection of antique and vintage gold metal items, including key chains, clasps, earrings, rings, pendants and more
Panda International Trading of NY, Inc
Leather Diy, Leather Workshop, Leather Tools, Bag Hardware, Leather Handmade
shoe closure,handbag lock,bag lock,turn lock,press lock,case lock,luggage lock,combination lock,bag closure,padlock,alloy lock,metal lock,rhinestone lock,diamond lock,suitcase lock
an instruction book with instructions on how to make a handbag in chinese and english
DIY - Одежда для кукол Барби (своими руками)
a drawing of a handbag with measurements for the bottom and side compartments, including two handles
Leather Craft Projects, Leather Craft Patterns, Leather Diy Crafts, Handbag Pattern, Handmade Leather Bag Pattern
4 Acrylic Key Pouch Pattern Stencil Template Set Leather • $12.36
an image of a handbag with measurements for the handles and shoulder straps, as well as
Spec work samples