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the vampire movie scene with text that reads, and you really love her
I didn't like the fact that Kol used Hope but I must say this scene was so cute 😭💕
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a man holding a baby in his arms with the caption that reads, you are my daughter and you're a strong and brave
"Mi piace": 1,058, commenti: 18 - The Originals - Klaus & Kol (@josephmorgan.ig) su Instagram: ". 4.13 Julie Plec was not sure there will be season 5. So she thought this is a good endgame.…"
the vampire movie quote with an image of two people looking at each other and one person holding
#TheOriginals 5x02 "One Wrong Turn on Bourbon"
two pictures of the same man and woman in different ways, one is looking at another
Been counting down the days to The Originals season 5 premiere. It didn't disappoint. This ship is everything. #klaroline #theoriginals
a man holding up a wooden sign with the words i don't know what to do and really wish that you were here to tell me
My heart the episode was beautiful! I’m happy we got this.... . More spoilers to come. Please avoid my account.x . #theoriginals…
two people sitting in a car with the caption'you don't forget meeting me? '
#TheOriginals 5x06 "What, Will, I, Have, Left"
a handwritten poem in black ink with the words,'i am not sure if it
Klaus Mikaelson #TheOriginals #TVD
two people laying in bed with the caption you and me are my protectors? always and forever
- S04E11
#TheOriginals 4x11 "A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken" - Klaus and Hope
a man and a girl staring at each other with the caption she has a hint of evil in her eyes
Klaus and Hope