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some people doing push ups on a blue mat
The 12 Body Shapes Your Must Master In Order To Become A Better Tumbler
a young man pointing to something on the wall in front of him and wearing a hoodie that says i'm a coach what's your super power?
Tumbling Shape #2 - The Passe
Without mastering your tumbling body shapes, you'll always wonder why you can't seem to "get" those skills you've spent years trying to learn!
two women are laying on their stomachs in the middle of a gym floor with words that read train the handstand shape
Developing The Basics | Floor |
a baby is doing yoga poses on the ground and in front of an image with text overlay that reads 6 yoga poses toddlers can do
6 Yoga Poses Toddlers Can Do (with a free printable)
These 6 yoga poses that toddlers can do Genius. I mean, seriously, if I can get my littlies to do yoga now! They're going to enjoy it with me forever! LOL!
two women doing yoga poses in front of a white background
Acro stunt
two girls making a heart shape with their hands while standing in front of each other
I want to do this with this girl I know from martial arts. we can already hold hands and go into the backbends :)
a group of women doing yoga poses in a park on their stomachs and arms
Acroyoga Mehr
three people doing yoga poses on the beach
two people doing acrobatic on the beach with their feet in the air
a group of women standing on top of each other in the middle of a circle
Tumbling class(Martha Holmes. 1946)
a group of young women standing on top of each other in front of a stage
acro pyramids
acro pyramids - Google Search