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Zoe Mac

Im a feminist are you?πŸ‘„
Zoe Mac
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β€œIf it doesn’t matter…get rid of it.” This resonates with me so much right now. As a teacher, I’ve asked myself this. In the past, I’ve asked my stude…


cwote: β€œ i love this quote soooo much. it shows that you are still perfect while you are getting better :)) ” You can be perfection and a work in progress.

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You don’t need an explanation. If they drain you and make you feel unlovable leave.

gypsealife: β€œ overthinked: β€œ ” gypsealife ”

Make people feel good about themselves // dont unto others as you would like them to do to you .that's my moto .

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trying to fight thru those days where recovery doesnt seem worth it. going into long sleeve season and its going to get hard, but i think im ready.