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this is hilarious

Rabbit: Tie them together, Piglet. Can you tie a knot? Piglet: I cannot. Rabbit: Uh, so you can knot? Piglet: No, I cannot knot. Rabbit: Not knot? Pooh: Who's there? Pooh: Pooh who? Whinnie the Pooh;

Milfina Milk by Philip Kugler Munich, Germany

Branding, graphic design and packaging for Milfina Milk packaging design on Behance Philip Kugler Munich, Germany by curated by Packaging Diva PD. Just look what you can do with just black and white.

MOHOLY - TYPOPHOTO _ typography experiment

MOHOLY - TYPOPHOTO _ typography experiment /// I know, I know, too complicated for the time restraint, but the vibe of this…!