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Corfu: Lights and Shadows by John Singer Sargent. 1909 watercolor over pencil on paper Museum of Fine Arts, United States.

Corfu: Lights and Shadows, John Singer Sargent, Watercolor Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The Hayden Collection—Charles Henry Hayden Fund Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Ayanda Mabulu ~ Yakhal'inkomo ~ (Black Man's Cry) controversial Zuma / Marikana painting pulled from Jo'burg Art Fair

Zuma painting by ayanda mabulu censored - City Press

Ayanda Mabulu, 'IziFebe ezilele kwisichenge zitshele kwisende lengcinezelo' (Whores on the edge clinging on the testicle of oppression. 2013. Mixed media on canvas.

Whores On The Edge Clinging On The Testicle of Oppression by Ayanda Mabulu

Ayanda Mabulu, Biko's Lecture, Mixed Media on Paper, 2011.

Ayanda Mabulu, Biko's Lecture, Mixed Media on Paper,

Ngcono ihlwempu kunesibhanxo sesityebi

Fatima and Ahmed's Son: Should the ANC Sue Artist Ayanda Mabulu for Portraying Zuma's Penis as Injured? And yes it is Zuma's penis that is depicted!