Fotografía surrealista- AMO

Estos 25 Maravillosos Reflejos Harán Que Tu Mundo Quede Al Revés

Antonio Mora

Misty Morning at The Dark Hedges in County Antrim, Northen Ireland. ~The Dark Hedges is an avenue of 300 year old beech trees. A beautiful place. ~ By Pawel Klarecki on

Create a Surreal Miniature Portrait: The Shoot

Create a Surreal Miniature Portrait: The Shoot (Phototuts+)

Create a Surreal Miniature Portrait: Post-Production by Nathan Colantonio, In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a surreal, miniature portrait using some photos that I shot from a previous tutorial on Tuts .

rafal olbinski | Rafal Olbinski9 Surreal art by Rafal Olbinski

Trzeci wymiar czasu (The third dimension of time), by Rafał Olbiński (Polish)

Despite spending years training for a professional ballet career, Kylli Sparre realized it was not the right path for her. Instead, she turned to photography to fill the creative void.

Ballet dancer finds her footing through dreamlike photos

Fine art photographer Kylli Sparre spent years training to become a professional ballet dancer. After realizing that dance wasn’t what she wanted to pursue as a career, Sparre picked up a camera, …

James T. Donaldson ... and out of my chains I created my dancers and my fears were my most inspiring conversation partners.

Transfiguration_By the Brazilian artist Sócrates Magno Torres.

Dreamlike and Surreal Self-Portrait Photo Manipulations by Achraf Baznani #inspiration #photography

Achraf Baznani is an artist photographer and filmmaker, who was born in Marrakesh, he is the most inspiring artistic photographer in Morocco.

Distorted Dream Captures  Kevin Corrado Photographs a World in Fragmented Detail #photography #fantasy

Distorted Dream Captures

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This is an example of surrealism because the tree is acting as if it were the pencil that is drawing the leaf.

Conceptual Photography by Patty Maher- this could be inspiration for the inner beauty vs outside stereotype idea!

Conceptual Photography by Patty Maher

The hills by Patty Maher Patty Maher is a fine art and conceptual photographer based in a small forest just outside of Toronto, Canada. She created the amazing series of expressive photographs to tell her stories. The Gift by Patty… Continue Reading →