Optical Illusion

Makoto Aida, Azemichi (a path between rice fields) Japanese mineral pigment, acrylic on Japanese paper, 73 x 52 cm. Collection of Toyota Municipal Museum of Art; courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery Feels Vauguely creepy - Japanese as opposed to American Gothic?

Woah now that's an awesome optical illusion That is just so amazing!!! its a sink with bubbles and water going down the drain

If you first look at this picture, it appears as an eyeball. But it is really water in a sink being drained. This picture was perfectly timed in order to get such a cool affect.


Transparent screens is where your desktop image is set to a photograph of the space behind your computer, making it appear as though your icons are just floating in the air.

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Photo Manipulations are always very interesting to watch because - and that's what is important - they give a realistic view of an unreal picture. Erik Johansson, a computer engineering student, from sweden has a sense for good ideas for manipulations.

Nose Scrubbing Billboard Advertisement  Nose Scrubbing Billboard Advertisement is either an eye catching illusion, or just cleaver snapshot.  Now im not sure if the guy is cleaning the billboard and its just a that perfect snap shot, or the guy scrubbing his nose is actually part of the advertisement. I have been trying to figure it out for a while now so let me know what you think.

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