A Christmas tree made from the National Union Catalog. The tree was built at the Gleeson Library, the University of San Francisco, CA USA.


Holiday Home Tour 2014

Well this is a unique Christmas tree Thoughts from Alice: Holiday Home Tour 2014 - Vintage Stacked Book Christmas Tree in Mantel

Shelf art!

Sonja Schulz on

We've seen a lot of Christmas tree books but this is the first snowman! Just don't check those books out!

Book Page Christmas Trees

thinking of much smaller scale using old christmas cards I have been saving forever.Love Of Family & Home: Book Page Christmas Trees {Tutorial} - Amazing!

Abe Books (by mtalplacido)

Abe Books 4 stories of books about Abe. They did a great job of keeping duplicates apart. You really had to search to find on.

Xmas tree by librarian Ann in Palm Springs HS

willywaldo: “ tessafoxreads: “ laurajmoss: “ I can think of no better Christmas tree than a book Christmas tree. Clever Christmas tree trend: Trees made of books Empty your bookshelves, grab a string.