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Diary of a Female Fighter: Heart of a Lion... In and Out of the Ring!

Diary of a Female Fighter: Heart of a Lion.

Diary of a Female Fighter: Zeeke Norris Under Construction

Zeeke “Zambidis” Norris recently dropped a bit of a bomb on his close friends and family, informing us of a procedure that will be taking pl.

Diary of a Female Fighter: White Tiger vs. Lions Head

Diary of a Female Fighter: White Tiger vs.

Diary of a Female Fighter: EFC 35 Results and Review

Once again, I was privileged enough to have covered EFC worldwide 35 for MMA Africa . The night saw some exciting fights, and honestly, som.

A retrospective on EFC 33

This past weekend in Durban was one for the record books. Well if not for anyone else, at least a keeper in my personal memory bank of awesomeness. Now if only we had a Dropbox equivalent for our m.

At First I Thought These Were Regular Paintings. Then I Kept Looking And...Holy Cow!

Los Angeles-based artist Alexa Meade has made a name for herself by turing real people into walking, talking works of art. Using acrylic paints, she paints on the skin of human subjects in a way that optically flattens them into two-dimensional paintings.

Win tickets to Get in the Ring - Cape Town

The final fight card for this awesome event has nearly been finalised and here it is! Besides for my personal investment in the event (I am fighting so come support.

Why do I fight?

"Bird fly and fish swim. And I do this" - BJ Penn BJ Penn on why he fights. There is simply no way around this, to be a fighter requires an exceptionally large amount of time.

Barbie in the Ring! | Get It Online Cape Town

Barbie in the Ring! | Get It Online Cape Town

EFC 31 - Bantamweight fights many, so wow!

So EFC 30 was an amazing event, that I can't believe any fan didn't enjoy regardless of the results. It simply was just a fantastic experience to be a part of.

Life Lessons in Boxing: Learn to work with the space you have

Walk into a room where men and women are throwing punches but not at each other rather at mid air. Each person moving around the other, some back and forth, some getting a little close and others m.

EFC 30: One for the fans

I am starting to write this piece about 2 weeks out from EFC 30 and it is proving to be a rather difficult affair. We are looking at another 12 fight card headlined with a super figth at a catch we.