Bio-patch sensor.  Measures bioelectrical signals through the skin. Collects data on different parts of the body depending on where it is placed (chest > ECG;  skull > electroencephalography (EEG); forearm >  electromyography (EMG); plus body temperature. Electronic components are mounted on a flexible foil. Wireless, disposable.  Applications include remote patient monitoring. Geng Yang lab, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)

The future of health care could be found in a tiny, paper-thin skin patch that collects vital information. The Bio-patch sensor developed by researchers at Stockholms KTH Royal Institute of Technology is inexpensive, versatile and, best of all, comfortabl

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State of healthcare innovation infographic illustration of the recent findings from the 2013 Healthcare Provider Innovation Survey

Telemedicine and heatlh informatics

Telemedicina e informática sanitaria son un nicho de empleo #infografia #infographic #health

Did you know that health informatics jobs have increased faster than other health care jobs? View AU's infographic about telemedicine and informatics career opportunities.

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Anxiety-Tracking Wristband Helps People Take Control Of Life Stress [Video] - PSFK