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Love this alarm label! @Dani Escobar @Jimena Alcaine

If Peeta and Katniss can survive the Hunger Games, you can get up. haha this can be my motivation to get up early in the mornings.

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NOT FUNNY! Don't read this if you haven't read all the books because I'm about to be a spoiler alert. The books are about Katniss being protective and loving to her sister and in the end: PRIMROSE DIES!

Peeta be like "oh crap. Here come the waterworks.get ready people. Get out your snorkels."

Well, it's official. This might be the saddest fanmade Hunger Games meme ever. And the way Peeta's looking at her like "Oh no, Katniss, is she going to take this well? Oh my poor, dear Katniss.