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SWAKOPMUND MUSEUM: The White Lady is a rock painting, located on a panel, also depicting other art work, on a rock overhang, deep within Brandberg Mountain. The giant granite monolith located in Damaraland and called ´The Brandberg´ is Namibia´s highest mountain. The painting has long been an archaeological dilemma and several different hypotheses have been put forth on its origins, authorship and dating. It is now usually accepted to be a bushmen painting, dating back at least 2000 years…

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SWAKOPMUND MUSEUM Koos van Ellinckhuijzen (namibian artist) 3-D vision and Stereoscopy with a Brewster stereoscope. He is also most noted for his work on Namibian and South West African postage stamps. photo: Robert Schilder

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Two women from the Himba tribe shopping at a supermarket in Swakopmund, Namibia, image by London based creative director Toufic Beyhum. toufic-beyhum HIMBA

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Germany and Its Colonies: Travels through the Empire and Its This 538-page work with its 1,367 illustrations reflects German national pride in the early 20th century, a period of rapid economic growth and scientific and cultural achievement in the German Empire and its Overseas Possessions, with the Collaboration of Arthur Achleitner, Johannes Biernatzki, et al.