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Cock A Doodle Don't
Cock A Doodle Don't
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You’re Stuck With Me, Skyguy
You’re Stuck With Me, Skyguy
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Cock A Doodle Don't
Cock A Doodle Don't
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E gayavatarstyle how the fuck did the fire nation beat fucking anyone their element can't do shit to any of the others 9 gayavatarstyle shoot fire at an airbender? they blow fire back in your face now you got burn face a waterbender sends a wave at you and you defend with fire? congrats dipshit now you've turned that attack into steam in your eyes at best or boiling water on your skin at worst you throw fire they throw rock you get hit with hot rock war over Literally the only way the fire nation fought enemies was with slow technological veachiles (drills and air boats) and fucking AMBUSHING PEOPLE. AND IT WAS MAINLY AMBUSHING CIVILIANS (against the Geneva Convention). The fire nations army is full of war criminals - iFunny
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