Sculture metalli riciclati

L'arte del riciclo: Sculture figurative con metalli riciclati
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rusted steel metal "vertical face I" sculpture by rick kirby. exhibited amongst trees as part of the permanent collection in burghley house "the gardens of surprise" sculpture garden (since stamford, lincolnshire, england, uk

Blown Away Series. Penny Hardy is an artist and . View their art website showing sculptures.

Kumi Yamashita 'City View' 2003 Aluminum numbers, single light source, shadow Commissioned by Namba Parks Tower, Osaka Japan

Artist Julie Tremblay addresses the relationship between man and his environment with her figurative sculptural works made of scrap metal.

Figurative Sculptures by Manuel Martí Moreno sculpture metal faces. Sculptor Manuel Martí Moreno lives and works in Valencia, Spain and forms these wonderful figurative pieces out of iron nuts.

Artist: Edouard Martinet [ link ] French artist Edouard Martinet uses recycled objects (from bicycle parts to kitchen elements to typewr.

Kim Hyun’s Dice Figures Kim Hyun takes casts of her subjects and then transforms those casts into sculptures using hundreds of dice. I think the material is interesting and it makes me wonder why the artist chose dice.

Le Grand Van Gogh : This statue was created by Bruno Catalano, it is located in France.

Ecstasy by Karen Cusolito This massive figurative installation by California-based mixed media artist Karen Cuolito stands a staggering 30 feet high, made of 9 tons of salvaged steel. The sculpture.