Hape Toys is a leading manufacturer of high quality bamboo and wooden toys. We have a variety of Hape available on our site and in our stores. See here: http://www.toykingdom.co.za
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Promotion, Store, Business

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Hape Gourmet Kitchen: http://www.toykingdom.co.za/en/products/58558

This all-in-one gourmet kitchen, designed in white, inspires mini chefs to cook everywhere and everything.The Hape Gourmet Chef Kitchen - .

Hape Family Bathroom: http://www.toykingdom.co.za/en/products/58558

Dollhouse Furniture: Families can freshen up, soak in the tub, or take a shower in this modern bathroom.

Hape family pets: http://www.toykingdom.co.za/en/products/58554

Essential furniture set for any Hape dollhouse. Includes quality items made from wood and non-toxic paints.

Hape Childrens room: http://www.toykingdom.co.za/en/products/58553

This is my room! Imagination & Creativity: Encourages imitative and imaginary play;

Hape families: http://www.toykingdom.co.za/en/products/58550

Hape families: http://www.toykingdom.co.za/en/products/58550

Hape Families: http://www.toykingdom.co.za/en/products/58549

Hape Families: http://www.toykingdom.co.za/en/products/58549

Hape Families: http://www.toykingdom.co.za/en/prodlist/brand/254/hape

Who's in your family? Designed to fit in the Hape All Seasons Dolls House these dolls are made from quality wood, fabric, cotton and wire.