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Bunny chow is a fabulous street food from South Africa. Originally a dish from Durban, bunny chow has taken over as a street food across South Africa.

South African chicken. Love this website!

Atelier Cecilia Rosslee: CUISINE-South African chicken recipe, I can't wait to try!

South Africa:  Milk tart, otherwise known as melktert in Afrikaans, is South Africa's milky answer to the traditional custard tart. A recipe imported by the Dutch, yet melktert is a part of the fabric of South African food that every year, the 27th of February is celebrated in South Africa as the official milk tart day

Top 10 South African Foods to Try

South African Milk Tart (Melktert): Milk Tart (Melktert) *Thought you might like this?

South Africa’s Bobotie

South Africa's Bobotie

beef sauteed with curry, chutney, raisins, almonds, & baked with custard). Served with yellow rice

Foods of South Africa: The Roots - Forbes

Foods of South Africa: The Roots

South African food adventure, South Africa food

Potjiekos (pot food) is a yummy South African stew that is traditionally prepared outside.

Most popular South African recipe: Bobotie: Beef Bobotie with orange topping

Beef Bobotie

Among the list of most popular African recipes is the bobotie recipe, recognised as South Africa's national dish.

South African Yellow Rice- Quick, easy fragrant rice spiced with turmeric, ginger, and a taste bud sensation.

South African Yellow Rice

African Pilau Rice with spice blend - Quick and easy rice , cooked in countries like Kenya, Tanzania , Eritrea and South Africa

Bunny Chow (South African curry sandwich)

Bunny Chow South Africa

Bunny Chow -Deliciously Tasty South African Street food with made with aromatic spices, meat , chickpeas and potatoes served in hollow bread. A one of a Kind Sandwich.

Fruit Chutney from South Africa: Fruit Chutney

South African Fruit Chutney

Fruit chutney is a popular item you will find in most South African kitchens and pantries. It is a condiment that is often used as an ingredient.