Mackenzie Clifton

Mackenzie Clifton

We survived exams!!! Happy Holidays!!!!
Mackenzie Clifton
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Summer I am ready

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I'm sharing because I love God with all m heart. However, God sends his blessings and favors in his own due time. A post does not dictate his wills, But I love God and am proud of it.

Soldiers surprising their families is one of my favorite things. I couldn't help but smile, I also cried a little😭

So sad

Please pray for this baby and others out there.♡God bless Poor Baby❤️ I will pray for him! I hope that he and his stay strong during the hard times

his face is so cute. Oh and if you don't repost you still have a heart because I hate it when the pins say you don'.t have a heart when you just don't feel like another pin like that.


Well, that's one of the most incredible landscape views I've seen on here. Wish my every-day reality was that I can walk outside and see the land in front of me looking like that. --Pia (Vøringfossen Waterfall, Bergen, Norway) by prior pinner