Kruger Wildlife Videos

Our resident videographers spend time at our camps in the Kruger capturing incredible wildlife moments on camera. This gives you a great overview of what to expect while on safari at our camps.
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8 Wild Dog Pups Seen in the Klaserie

We’ve brought you the incredibly exciting news of the new wild dog den around town, and we’ve had brief glimpses of the young pups as they rush out of their .

Rare Pangolin Spotted in Sabi Sand

It is considered good luck to spot a pangolin in the wild! These endangered species are incredibly rare to spot. The Umkumbe team was in the right place at t.

Leopards Fight in Tree While Hyena Circles Below

Check out the Latest Sightings Safari Videos from Africa. Want to Experience this then contact The Safari Legends based in South Africa.

Honey Badger in Kruger Devours Mongoose

This video is not for sensitive viewers: Capturing a honey badger on camera is rare, but Marius Zeilinga, a ranger from Umkumbe Safari Lodge, managed to do j.

Behind the Scenes : Linki from Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Behind the Scenes : Linki from Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Balule's Van Wijk Leopardess

This is the second sighting over the past few days of leopardess Van Wijk. She's become quite a prominent feature of the Balule recently and guests staying a.