Michelle Louwrens

Michelle Louwrens

★#guitarist★#artist |Born in the wrong era..| R&F'nR for life \m/ |#Slasher| #makeupartist in the making ♡ |Don't follow me, I don't know where I'm going.
Michelle Louwrens
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// For the love of the endless circle, because i grew up watching Animal Planet, not Barbie.


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An incredible pencil drawing

Manchester-based artist Martin Lynch-Smith expertly sketches the human eye, capturing every minute detail. From the wispy hairs of ones eyelashes and the wrinkled creases under the eye to the entrancing texture of the iris, the artist is able to execute h

Incredible pencil drawing

There is raw beauty in aging. Every experience, pain, joy, and heartache are etched in lines -- like the rings in a tree trunk / Realistic Portrait Drawing by Dan Cretu

Drawing of a drawing

This picture best describes me, as I have a passion for art and drawing and I love to be creative. The reason I chose a picture of a zebra is because I absoltely love animals.