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No green dot

Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind .Stare in the middle to see a change in color. Do you see green?


Doctor Who TARDIS Illusion T-Shirt Tee "Relative Dimensions" design shows the big blue police box presented as a complex optical illusion.

Here’s a picture of a tiny man riding a woman riding on a boat. How meta! Can you spot his tiny little shoes? Optical illusion funny photo - what a hoot when you check the vacation pictures!

An old classic

12 fascinating optical illusions show how color can trick the eye - The Washington Post

Do you see the baby

There Is Something Amazing Hidden In This Picture That You Didn’t Realize At First. Can You See It? - Blooper News - The Best Funny News Bloopers 2016

Do not scroll down unless your brain is made of steel and your nerves are Teflon. Some people simply cannot stand optical illusions. For the rest of you: Check out teh awesommmmmmmez.

Can you read it? I can

These all say the same thing only a few people can read this you have a strong mind there was s study bla bla but it's amazing how are brains work